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kdm can't start X

After having mistakingly installed gdm with Debian and not wanting this, I 
removed it and installed kdm instead. kdm appears and is configurable, but is 
not able to start anything: it just disappears for a few seconds and appears 
again. I *can* start kde manually with startx /usr/bin/startkde (thanks 
Hendrik). I've delved around in all sorts of configuration files but cannot 
find the part needed to get kdm to start X, not even in the file kdmrc. I do 
remember when installing kdm, I was given the choice of using a new config 
file or the old one. I chose the old one because it was recommended.

Can anybody tell me how to get kdm working? Where is the crucial config file, 
or is it easier to remove kdm and install it again?

Theo Schmidt

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