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Re: how to save settings of konqueror


First, you could use the KDE session manager (KDE Control Center/KDE
Components) and save your session/desktop layout for restart. This should at
least work for KDE applications.

Second, I believe its possible to save your current konqueror state as "View
Profile". As far as I remember, this may include layout and window size (I
didn't use this feature for some time, just try it: Settings/Configure View
Profiles...) You have to start Konqueror with your saved View Profile (see
konqueror help).

Kind regards

On Monday 10 January 2005 08:16, Jianan wrote:
> My Konqueror comes up with in a small window, navigation panel and bookmark
> toolbar. I would set it to full screen, without navigation panel and
> without bookmark toolbar. But I can't find any means to make the settings
> stay so that it will come up this way upon re-start. It's not in the
> Konqueror FAQ.

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