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Re: KDE 3.3.1 in Sarge

On Wednesday 05 January 2005 18:07, Andrew Schulman wrote:
> kate always throws out reams of failed assertions to the console.  I
> got sick of it and now use
> function kate
> {
>  /usr/bin/kate "$@" 2>/dev/null
> }

Yes, but that is not a real solution and it is very much worse than in the 
previous version of kate in Sarge.
I yesterday deleted my ~/.xsession-errors, but now it is already at 180kB.

The main culprits are:
ASSERT: "!m_doc->wrapCursor()" in ../../../kate/part/katerenderer.cpp 
konqueror: ERROR: Error in BrowserExtension::actionSlotMap(), unknown 
action : searchProvider

IMHO, these really need to be fixed.

I also wonder if these messages really need to be printed:
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