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Re: java plug-in

Am Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2005 07:48 schrieb jianan:
> I would like to be completely free, software-wise, but do I have a choice
> in this case, if a vendor site uses Java applets to fill forms?

Since konqueror does not rely on a mozilla-plugin, it should be able to use 
any java interpreter. Kaffe is a free one but may have its limitation (I 
never tried it):
Package: kaffe
Priority: optional
Section: interpreters
Installed-Size: 116
Maintainer: Ean R. Schuessler <ean@novare.net>
Architecture: all
Version: 2:1.1.4.PRECVS6-1
Depends: kaffe-pthreads | kaffe-jthreads
Filename: pool/main/k/kaffe/kaffe_1.1.4.PRECVS6-1_all.deb
Size: 54400
MD5sum: c0668a4b8f3517c79d0483885a6c5de5
Description: A JVM to run Java bytecode
 A virtual machine designed to execute Java bytecode.  It performs
 "just-in-time" code conversion from the abstract code to the host machine's
 native code.  This will ultimately allow execution of Java code at the same
 speed as standard compiled code but while maintaining the advantages and
 flexibility of code independence.


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