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KMail on the fritz? [was: Re: java plug-in]

On Tue 4 January 2005 05:00, Hendrik Sattler wrote:

> So to what message does this answer belong. You're not only breaking
> threading but also avoid quoting?
> Actually, you are the very first one that I know that is able to get
> such crap out of KMail :-(

I was wondering what you were talking about until I realized I had KMail 
set to thread by subject in addition to basic threading. So I turned 
that off and then ...  Wow. What a mess is right. I'm trying to 
conceive of a way that this could happen. Either he's creating a new 
message each time and manually copying over the Subject, To and CC: 
fields (and adding in an extra 'Re:' as well) OR he's got outgoing 
filters to remove the In-Reply-to and Reference headers, as well as 
having unchecked and/or cleaned out the Reply Header prefixes in the 
Composer Settings. Failding that, there's something gravely wrong with 
his version of KMail.

David P James
Ottawa, Ontario
ICQ: #42891899, Jabber: davidpjames@jabber.org

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