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Re: java plug-in

Am Dienstag, 4. Januar 2005 15:28 schrieb jianan:
> Thanks for all the info. I had got it working in Konqueror.
> I went to Sun site, downloaded a self-extracting binary of j2re-1.4..2_06,
> do a 'sh', make some dirs and set Konqueror Java & Javascript to point to
> the path of 'java'. The download was about 14MB.
> As a side discussion, wouldn't having to use SUN stuff render Debian
> incompletely free?

Well, you do not _have_ to use it. And since SUN's java packages are not 
DFSG-free, java ist not fully part of Debian. However, packages like 
java-package exist in the contrib section to make it easier.
For your download file, make-jpkg (part of java-package) would make a 
sun-j2sdk1.4 .deb from it.
Together with package sun-j2sdk1.4debian, the integration is complete.

Manual copying works, too, but is more work (e.g. making the manpages 
available and all that).

Additionally, SUN is not very smart about making the whole package small 
(duplicate executables, demo files and source zip file not split into a 
seperate package, SDK being and add-on to the RE).
Sadly, make-jpkg does not work around this (see bug #281287).


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