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Re: java plug-in

Am Dienstag, 4. Januar 2005 05:29 schrieb jianan:
> I'm using sarge, kernel 2.6.8 and kde 3.2.2.
> I'm having problem filling-in ofrms online.Suspect I need Java plug-in.
> From SUN's Java site, download for the plug-in is not available for Debian.
> Is it available as a Debian package?

Install package java-package and follow its instructions:
Package: java-package
Priority: optional
Section: contrib/misc
Installed-Size: 92
Maintainer: Debian Java Maintainers 
Architecture: all
Version: 0.17
Depends: debhelper
Suggests: fakeroot
Filename: pool/contrib/j/java-package/java-package_0.17_all.deb
Size: 11442
MD5sum: 46025edd0820916cffe73a81f0d3b046
Description: A utility for building Java(TM) 2 related Debian packages
 This package provides the capability to create a debian package from
 a Java(TM) 2 distribution by just running make-jpkg <filename>.
 This program works currently with the latest Java(TM) 2 REs and SDKs
 (1.3, 1.4 and 1.5) Standard Edition, from Sun Microsystems(TM) and
 Blackdown Java-Linux.

It basicly works like kernel-package. As this package is a moving target, it 
is only available in Debian unstable but installs cleanly in Debian Sarge.


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