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Re: Bug# 266478 - any development?

Am Mittwoch, 10. November 2004 18:02 schrieb Fabien Meghazi:
> > What's the problem with the default Keramik style?
> To my humble opinion, Keramik is this kind of gui that looks cool at
> the begining you use it, but it quickly become graphically obsolete.

I use and like Keramik since it was in KDE (yes, that was quite some time ago) 
and I still like it.
Plastik style seems to have less contrast in its elements, the the border of 
checkboxes and the cross when selected. I am not quite sure that this makes 
it any better. Same for the Window theme: less contrast and the window title 
is really hard to read this way. Sorry, but Plastik really sucks :-(
It surely looks new and different but making elements harder to recognize by 
decreasing contrast (and that's basicly what plastik does) is not a step 

However, I'll try Plastik for some time to see if the above is only a 
short-time effect.


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