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Re: Font Problems


That's it. Now it looks as before;-)



> I think the main user-visible change in fontconfig was that freetype now 
> defaults to using the autohinter module (you can comment it out 
> in /etc/fonts/local.conf by putting <!--  and --> around the <match 
> target="font"> ... "autohint" ... </match> lines.)  I don't know what the 
> KControl module does to enable/disable sub-pixel rendering, but you can also 
> comment out that section of the local.conf file, too, if it is uncommented.
> Relevant portion of changelog:
>    * fontconfig.templates: default the autohinter to "true", but keep the
>      subpixel rendering to "false". This is because the bytecode interpreter
>      (previous default) renders very badly on TFT screens, and the subpixel
>      rendering looks bad on non-RGBA screens (closes: #268321).
> Josh
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