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Re: Can't exclude flash plugin from working on slashdot.org

On Sunday 17 October 2004 14:48, Anders Ellenshøj Andersen wrote:
> I have been trying to stop slashdot.org from running flash adverts because
> they use a lot of cpu and causes the fan to start up on my laptop.
> The code on the page that includes the flash adverts look like this:
> <iframe style='{background-color: #FFFFFF }' id='1' type='content'
> name='pos1'
> SRC='http://ads.osdn.com/?ad_id=5404&alloc_id=11703&site_id=1&request_id=55
>20627' width='729' height='90' frameborder='0' border='0' MARGINWIDTH='0'
> MARGINHEIGHT='0' SCROLLING='no'></iframe>
> So I tried going into the plugin settings where I have plugins enabled
> globally, and add a domain specific rule to deny flash for the domain
> ads.osdn.com. That didn't make any difference, so I also tried adding
> slashdot.org. That didn't work either.
> Do you think there is a bug here?

No..  I don't think it's flash.  I can't disable it either, but I don't _have_ 
a flash plugin (I don't think - it's possible...).
> I am using kde 3.3 from unstable.

3.2 from Sarge.

I totally agree that squid or other means to block all ad sites is serious 
overkill.  The redirect to in /etc/hosts isn't a bad idea, though.

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