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Re: Can't exclude flash plugin from working on slashdot.org (Konqueror bug?)

On Sunday 17 October 2004 21:30, Paul Johnson wrote:
> > Thanks for the advice but I'd really rather like to find out what
> > the problem is. Also it seems like a rather excessive sollution to a
> > simple problem.
> Well, ultimately the problem is advertisers thinking it's their god
> given right to waste your bandwidth with distracting crap you'll never
> buy anyway.  So why not just cut them off at the pass?

Your solution is complete overkill. I will not install a proxy server on my 
laptop to get rid of one stupid flash banner ad.

Besides I am not really asking for a solution to the problem. I am trying to 
find out if there is a bug in konqueror regarding plugin rules for individual 
domains. If there is I will post a bug report to KDE's bug tracking site.


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