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Re: Slow program opening, installation size and window tiling

James J. Hamlin wrote:
> The first question and the easiest is this:  Is there a way to
> tile windows automatically?  In ms windows I can click on the
> taskbar and select 'tile windows horizontally' or 'tile windows
> vertically'.  I sure would like to be able to do this in KDE
> but I have yet to find a way.

Window menu -- try click with right eye of the mouse on the

> Third question:  It seems like the basic install of sarge with
> KDE is taking up almost 1.7 GB.  This seems like an awfully big
> footprint.  So I'm looking for ways to get rid of things that I
> don't need.  So I was looking into getting rid of say the kde
> games package.  But when I look around in the package manager
> (synaptics) I find that the kde games package is a dependency
> of the kde entertainments package which is in turn
> a dependency of the kde package.  So, it's looking to me like I
> can't remove the games without removing kde completely.  I must
> be wrong... right?

I don't use synaptics (aptitude is my choice), but you can
certainly (somehow) remove kde package without any package on
which it depends. So instead of

    |                |              |               | 
kdepim     kdelibs kdegames kdenetwork

you will have just

    |                |              |               | 
kdepim     kdelibs kdegames kdenetwork

as individual packages, which you can then remove. BTW, take a
look whether you don't have installed whole GNOME (I did with
plain Sarge), it is basically as big as KDE and mostly

> Also, I know this is the KDE list but, does anyone have an
> opinion as to whether I need gnome on my computer?

GNOME is a first choice for removal. If you need some programs
which you need from GNOME (don't worry they can happily work
even with KDE as your desktop; in my case it is GNUCash what I
need), then you will have just very small subset of GNOME not
whole thing. Check also for server programs (like mysql,
postgresql, apache) -- they may take an awfully lot of the

 Welcome on board!


Matej Cepl,
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