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Re: KMail 3.2.3-1 instability

On Sat 7 August 2004 10:45, Brian Kimball wrote:

> Exact same happened to me.  It was pretty damn funny.
> FWIW, I've been using Alt+H bound to "all headers" and Alt+F to
> switch back to "fancy headers".  Works good for me.
> 	brian
> (I bound those keys to those functions so I can see what my newly
> installed spamassassin is doing.  I now find it kind of ironic that
> since I've installed spamassassin I've never spent more time looking
> at or been more curious about spam!)

It wears off once you get it working reliably :). There's supposed to be 
a new feature going into KMail (already exists as a patch somewhere) to 
allow the user to view specific additional headers. In my case I'd use 
X-Bogosity so I can tell how well Bogofilter is doing on both ham and 
spam without having to press 'V' all the time.

On a side note, the wonderful thing about spam is it gives you a large 
body of email to experiment on (mainly for rewriting various things). 
If you make a mistake - just delete it and try again on another. One of 
the good ones I've created is a KMail filter to rewrite the date of 
messages identified as spam so when I expire them from my Junk folder 
it actually deletes all the ones it should (otherwise spam with forward 
dates hangs around for eons).

David P James
Ottawa, Ontario
ICQ: #42891899, Jabber: davidpjames@jabber.org

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