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Re: Konqueror crashing regularly

> Given that I would like to trace the problem rather than just moving
> everyone to Firefox, etc. - how can I (easily?) build a set of Debian
> packages for sid that will contain debug information so I can submit a
> useful backtrace to the developers?

Without recompile: 

-Execute kdebugdialog and enable all options
-Execute it in a console with 
	"konqueror 2> konq.log"
-Crash it :(
-You will have in /tmp/kde-$USER/konqueror-crash* a log. Look before, and
 delete all the "konqueror-crash*" to be sure you have the last one.
-Also you should have a long log in ~/.xsession-errors. clear it before also 
to get the only the last errors messages (ex: echo > ~/.xsession-errors)

Send the logs to the list (we can try later with bugs.kde.org). Compress them 

You can also make all this watching the net with ethereal (as root) and 
sending (to me or to the list) the packet dump, to try to reproduce it and 
make a testcase.

If you want to build it for debug, I can explain it if you want so. It's easy 
but long.

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