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Konqueror crashing regularly

Hi :)

We run a call centre with 20-30 KDE diskless workstations. The machines are 
mainly used with a web-based hotel-booking application which we have 
developed, and are finding a relatively high level of instability with 

In short, Konq will sometimes segfault after submitting a POST form at the 
point where the remote server is starting to send the next HTML through.

This problem has stayed with us for a few months and I thought it had gone 
away with a previous KDE release, but I've been told that the problem is 
still there. 

Given that I would like to trace the problem rather than just moving everyone 
to Firefox, etc. - how can I (easily?) build a set of Debian packages for sid 
that will contain debug information so I can submit a useful backtrace to the 

As I said, the machines are diskless, and have 256MB RAM and no swap space - 
all they run is Konq and an Evolution instance - nothing really heavy like 
OpenOffice, etc. so I can't really see the problem being lack of RAM, but I 
would dearly like to get to the bottom of this, and fix it not only for us, 
but possibly for many others who just put it down to 'some bug'.


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