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Re: KDE 3.2 Kicker menu and Windows key

On Sunday 27 June 2004 10:56, Frank Murphy wrote:
> > > Does anyone here know what's going on with this? Is it an X problem or
> > > KDE (or both)? Anyone able to disable it?
> >
> > Go play around in kcontrol under Regional, Keyboard Shortcuts.
> So I had looked there before, but I looked again and I still don't see
> anything. I imagine it should be in "Global Shortcuts," but the only
> menu-related things are for the popup menu.
> Has anyone here been able to disable this?

OK, so this is a pretty bad bug in KDE. Someone filed a bug (#29105) 
complaining that the Windows key didn't open the KDE menu. But because they 
wanted the windows key to sometimes act as a modifier key (when pressed at 
the same time as another key:  e.g. Win+R for Run...) and sometimes not (for 
pressing Windows by itself to bring up the KDE menu). They couldn't get it to 
work within the normal X ways, so someone hard-coded something into kcmkeys. 
Fortunately (?) there's a bug (#77955) with the hard-coding. If the Num_Lock 
key/Mod2 modifier is on, the KDE menu won't come up.

So, to disable this, exploit the Num_Lock bug. As if keyboard handling for 
Linux/X11 wasn't hard enough.


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