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Re: How to get rid of KVim

El Viernes, 25 de Junio de 2004 22:40, Matías Costa escribió:
> > Yes, BUT, it will interfere with future upgrades that add new components
> > (this time that we might want) to KDE.  If you do not have the
> > metapackage they will not get included automatically.
> Anything is perfect :(
> Well, debian news says what is new in the repository.

There is a better solution.

Note that if you like the 'kde' metapackage installed, is because probably you 
think that the debian/kde guys know what they are doing, and you want all 
official KDE modules. But then you discover that don't like kvim, and you let 
it installed, because you want new packages added in 'kde' metapackage 

However, the KDE modules doesn't change very quickly, and probably (it's just 
my opinion) the only change that will affect the kde metapackage after 3.3, 
will be changing quanta for kwebdev, and maybe adding kdebindings.

Then, my suggestion is to forget the metapackages. Install what you like (or 
install the metapackage, and remove what you dislike). If you want to keep 
what packages are new when you update the sources, you can easily see that 
with aptitude.

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