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Re: revising the first cd contents...

Josselin Mouette wrote:
> The "gnome" metapackage is for an overblown desktop with all options.
> The official GNOME release is in the "gnome-desktop-environment"
> package. To get numbers, maybe you should look at sid as there are some
> changes with GNOME 2.6.

Ok, I'll make tasksel only require gnome-desktop-environment be
available, though still install all of gnome if possible.

> > I didn't think standard was supposed to be so big. In a clean chroot, if
> > I do a tasksel -irsn (install important, required, standard only), it
> > downloads 52 mb. There are less than 100 mb used for the base system on
> > a netinst CD. So what are the other 300+ mb that is included in "standard"?
> Maybe the kernel images? I remember they can be pretty big...

IIRC, all the kernels do use 100 mb or something like that, but I don't
think it's responsible for all of it.

see shy jo

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