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Re: Kicker: no "Applications" but "Lost & Found"

On Wed, Jun 23, 2004 at 09:15:32PM +0200, Michael Schuerig wrote:
> Some time ago the contents of the K-Menu (Kicker) have changed. There's 
> no longer an application menu called "Applications", instead now there 
> is one called "Lost & Found" containing some, but not all, items 
> previously in "Applications". Also, integration of Debian applications 
> has changed 

"Applications" was renamed to "Lost & Found" by upstream KDE because it
more accurately reflects what the menu is for. It is for items which do
not have proper Categories (iow are buggy).

> I'm using the latest KDE packages on unstable. Now they have their own 
> top-level menu whereas previously they were sorted thematically into 
> the KDE menus.

This is intentional and will be better fixed when Debian adopts the
freedesktop.org menu standard, hopefully soon after sarge release.
The previous break out was more confusing since the Debian categories
do not match up with fdo categories.


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