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Re: Why has menu handling changed...

El Miércoles, 23 de Junio de 2004 15:16, David Goodenough escribió:
> Recently there was a change to KDE which stopped Alt+ the underlined letter
> on menu entries from invoking that entry.  If you are lucky and the letter
> does not have another meaning, then Alt followed by the letter still works,
> but Alt+S to save a file seems to have stopped working.  Was this
> deliberate or is it a bug?

Alt+s worked by default? I have not upgraded from one month and Alt+s don't 
work. Control+s always worked and I'd say alt+s never (well i'm not sure 
about this last)

Did you mean alt+<menu letter> -stop- +s? In my language <menu letter> is a 
(_a_rchivo => file)

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