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Re: severe load on imap sever by kmail

On Tue, 22 Jun 2004, Courtney Sherman wrote:

> I have seen this also using kmail and courier-imap.  I had always
> assumed it was kmail since this never happens with other clients.  On my
> system, the lag (client-side) is particularly long when opening a new
> folder.  I have never investigated the problem thoroughly, though.
> Johnny Geling wrote:
> > I have different email client connecting the same imap server (debian
> > woody). I run courier imap from the woody release.
> >
> > Only with kmail the server is for a longtime (several minutes) working
> > on something. It load is arround 80%. It looks like kmail freezes my
> > imap server on the connection.
> >
> > I run debian sid (so kmail 1.6.2
> >
> >
> > I don't have this with other email clients. (mozilla thunderbird,
> > mozilla, sylpheed claws)
> >
> > Is this a bug from kmail or from the courier imapd?

Maybe kmail does server side filtering and your mailboxes are very large,
so that is takes a lot of time and ressources?

  Tomas Pospisek
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