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kicker applets sometimes not responding to clicks


I've had this since I upgraded to the 3.2 packages: at times, kicker doesn't take my clics into account. For example, I clic on a window in the taskbar panel, and the corresponding window is not raised. It sometimes don't work even when clicking
tens of times. I then abandon and use the keyboard's ctrl+tab.....
Same thing for klipper, and even more frequent. When the action menu pops us and I click on one of the action to trigger it, the action is highlighted, but the action menu stays there. When clicking on another action, it doesn't change anything, the first clicked action stays highlighted, and the menu is still there. By pressing escape, the menu is closed and the action is _sometimes_ triggered....

This is the first really annoying behaviour experience in KDE. Does one of you know what could cause this? I'm asking it here as I use debian packages (unstable) and experience it both at home and at work.



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