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Lost the Debian submenu


I was trying to decide what was more important for me, kde-i18n, or kdevelop 
(they have a conflict). Finally decided to upgrade kde-18n, and remove the 
old kdevelop, when I noticed that the kdevelop3 icon dissapeared.

I don't know why (silly me), but I run update-menus, and now, my Debian 
(sub)menu is dissappeared from the K menu. :-(

Looking at it with the K menu editor, I see a Debian entry, but is empty. Any 
idea of what can I do? Moving my ~/.kde directory, doesn't solve anything, of 

Thanks in advance.
Best regards.

Alex (a.k.a. suy) - GPG ID 0x0B8B0BC2
http://darkshines.net/ - Jabber ID: suy@bulmalug.net

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