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Re: name sessions in konsole

On Sunday 25 April 2004 04:58, Wolfgang Mader wrote:
> Hello,
> If you open a new tab for a new session in konsole normaly there
> appears something like "shel"l (or whatever type of session you have
> chosen) on the tab. I am working on different machines and it would
> be nice to have the name of the machine where the shell was opened
> (or much better - where the shell ends actually). Is this possible
> with konsole? Perhaps with output from uname -n?

Right click over the tab, select Rename session, or double click the 

For the longest time I treated konsole as just another xterm clone.  I 
turned off all the toolbars and tabs to minimize desktop real estate.  
I routinely had a number of separate, overlapping konsoles cluttering 
up my desktop.  Then I "discovered"  what the extra features like tabs 
and bookmarks were good for.

If you use bookmarks in konsole you can set the name that is displayed.  
At work I have bookmarks for most of my servers as well as a number of 
other boxen I deal with regularly.  I typically have one konsole 
running with several  sessions open in different tabs.  Shift-arrow 
toggles between them without leaving the keyboard.  Holding down shift 
and toggling left and right arrows is a quick way to visually see diffs 
between two similar files.

Bud Rogers	<budr@netride.net>	 KD5SZ

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