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Re: KDE322: libqt-mt => libqt3c102-mt

On Saturday 24 Apr 2004 3:02 pm, Henning Moll wrote:

> Will this package be also renamed in the 'final release' of KDE322
> for Woody?
> This would break compatibility with many (all?) existing KDE
> applications packaged for KDE < 322.

Reading "between the lines" of both the reports here from people who've 
tried the KDE 3.2.2 debs, *and* the changing README file from the 
packager at http://download.kde.org/stable/3.2.2/Debian/README, where 
you can find :
     "The current schedule is that the Debian backports will 
     be fully public and operational by June 27th, 2004. 
     Thank you for your understanding."
I'd guess that the currently available debs are for the benefit of early 
adopters who are prepared to put up with the scaryness, and the "final" 
KDE 3.2.2 for Woody debs (on 27th.June) will be rebuilt to be more 

But that's a wishfull guess ... like you, I'd sure like to know the real 

Recent debian-kde traffic gives the impression that debian users are 
only interested in bleeding edge testing & unstable setups, so I'd just 
like to take the opportunity to raise the flag for the Woody camp. I'm 
always grateful that anyone takes the time to build Woody debs (tip o 
the hat to Ralf et al), and really don't want to change my system into 
some kind of hybrid.

Nick Boyce
Bristol, UK

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