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Re: Installing Agypten with KDE 3.2

After aggressively cleaning out old versions of the Agypten libraries and 
following the instructions at http://www.gnupg.org/aegypten2/index.html (but 
still using cryptplug for the KMail interface), I finally managed to compile 
a S/MIME plugin that works with KMail.

I can view encrypted S/MIME messages that were sent to me. After entering my 
password, I am able to view the decrypted contents. However, I am not able to 
check the signature on the e-mail. I see the following message instead:

"Not enough information to check signature. [Details]
Status: A system error occurred."

When I attempt to send signed e-mails, KMail hangs. The processor utilization 
goes to 100% and KMail appears totally frozen. I used ps to check running 
processes. It appears that KMail is continually re-launching gpgsm. gpgsm 
launches gpg-agent. Apparently gpg-agent dies or quits, gpgsm then dies or 
quits and KMail relaunches everything. 

Any ideas? I am running the following versions of the libraries:

KMail 1.6.2 (from KDE 3.2.2)

On Friday 23 April 2004 09:49 am, Joseph A. Martin wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using Debian unstable with KDE3.2 installed. I've been trying off and
> on for the past six months to install the Agypten plugins with KMail. I
> would like to be able to sign/encrypt my e-mails using S/MIME encryption.
> Is this possible with Debian and Agypten? Can I use the Debian compiled
> KMail or do I have to build my own? Does the Debian KMail (3.2.2) require
> patching? What packages (and versions) do I need?
> I've tried (several times) following the instructions found on
> http://www.gnupg.org/aegypten/development.en.html. When I load the plugin
> into KMail, I get the following error:
> Error: Plug-in "GPGMe-SMIME" initialization unsuccessful.
> library: /usr/lib/cryptplug/gpgme-smime.so
> version: 0.3.16
> Plug-in is out-dated or not installed properly.
> At this point, the actual software on my system is a complete mixture of
> Debian and locally compiled packages. I should probably clean it out and
> start over from scratch. But first I want to know if it is possible,
> exactly what versions of what packages need to be used, and how to do it.
> Can I use Agypten with the S/MIME plugin to sign/encrypt e-mail on KMail
> 1.6.2 (KDE 3.2.2)?
> Thanks!
> ~joe

Joseph (LittleRed) Martin

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