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Re: Pogo vs. Kicker?

Am Dienstag, 20. April 2004 21:19 schrieb Bob Tilley (AT&T):
> Does a project to optimize KDE exist or must I go the Gentoo route and
> build my own packages?

lol, the old discussion.

KDE gets faster and faster with every release since 1.0.

KDE isn't just a panel and some utils, it's a desktop environment with 
consistent look and behaviour and it's fun to use and to code kde apps. This 
comes at a price. If you prefer speed over functionality, you should switch 
to something smaller like XFCE, which you mentioned.

Nonetheless, compiling KDE with optimization for your processor should bring 
some speed. Try compiling KDE 3.2.2 with konstruct, which is a script to 
download and compile a complete KDE. You can even run this KDE next to the 
original debs.
Or download the deb sources and make optimized packages. Gentoo is a nice 
idea, but if you ever do an emerge world and see xfree86, kde and openoffice 
in the update list, you might consider booting from a knoppix cd and 
reinstalling debian - that could be finished much faster on your 600MHZ 
debian box ;)
I used to compile my own KDE packages with my P200. "Take a good book and 
start reading" I was warned. Actually, one book wasn't enough, maybe I should 
have used the time to read "The World as Will and Idea", that would have 
taken enough time, I think.


Thomas Ritter

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