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Re: Kmail: addressbook import

On Thu, 15 Apr 2004, Jan De Luyck wrote:

> > I have got a plain text file which contains names and e-mail addressess
> > separated by semi-colons (about 1000 lines).
> > How can I import this into the Kmail addressbook?
> You can import this by starting kaddressbook, file menu -> import -> csv file
> Worked fine for my old address book ;-)

Argh, it is too simple... I had to install kaddressbook, beacuse it was
not on my machine. And that is it. ;-)

I thought that the addressbook was included in the kmail package...
Thanks Jan!

Anyway: does "apt-cache search kde" lists all available kde packages
or is there a list somewhere on the net?


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