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Re: Noatun crash at startup?

On Saturday 10 April 2004 18:55, David Pye shaped the electrons to shout:
> > 3. completely dependent on artsd (and actually who really _likes_
> > artsd?)
> Actually, I'm quite fond of it, myself. It's quite a clever idea if you
> look at what it does.

It's so clever that nobody knows, even the programmers, why:

1. It consumes CPU when idle. It doesn't matter if it's OSS, ALSA, a 
SounBlaster or a integrated Intel sound card. It doesn't matter neither 
if you change the setting to "autosuspend if idle". 

2. It locks the device so every other application that try to play a sound 
is starved. It doesn't matter that "autosuspend if idle" is marked.


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