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Re: linux crashes when switching between vt7 and vt8

>> On Sat, 27 Mar 2004, Juergen Bausa wrote:
>> >> I am using debian woody with kernel 2.4.25 (backports.org) and kde>
>> >> 3.1.4. X uses the driver from nvidia. When I start two graphical vts
>> >> using kdm and try to switch between them using Ctrl-alt-Fx, somtimes
>> >> the x-server, to which i am switching, restarts. Some times the wohle
>> >> system crashes (even ctrl-alt-backspace wont help). This happens
>> >>....
>> >
>> >I doubt that it's kde that freezes the box. AFAIK kde doesn't ever access
>> >the HW directly. I'd say it's the nvidia driver. Have you tried to
>> >up/downgrade the nvidia driver yet? Have you checked that the nvida
>> >driver, the kernel and the various openGL bits fit together?
>> >*t
>> As I said: I also tried the driver nv (which comes with xfree86) and had the same problem.
>> So I think it is not possible that the crashes are caused by the nvidia driver.
>Interrupts, APM, ACPI, DMA?

Interrupts: Sorry, I am not sure, what you are asking for. Yes the system has interrupts
but I suspect that is not the answer to your question.

ACPI: never used it

APM: I had the apm module in my /etc/modules but deleted it some days ago (because
I also thought that it might cause the trouble). There was no crash since then, but
it was just some days ago and sometimes it takes very long for the next crash.

DMA: I use dma for my HD. Or are you asking for video-dma? Is there such a thing as dma
to my video-card (AGP)?


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