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Re: udev HOWTO?

Patrick Dreker wrote:

> I am actually using udev here on my production desktop, so it *is* usable 
> (and /dev/console is there...). The only thing that really gave me a 
> headache, was that I did not have devpts compiled into my kernel. After 
> adding that most of the system worked as before...

Okay, so you installed udev from unstable, rebuilt your kernel with
devpts, and that's it? No udev customization required?

> And besides: If it doesn't work, one can always uninstall it again. If the 
> system should become non-functional, on needs to disable the udev initscript 
> from a rescue CD, after that the normal /dev/ will be back in place (udev 
> only mounts a ramdisk over the "old-style" /dev)

Right, so you need ramfs in your kernel also, right? (Or as a module.) I
have that already, but it's not something I've seen noted as a
requirement before.

My idea of a rescue CD these days is Knoppix. Hmm. My Knoppix CD is about
a year or more old, I think; better update it...

> So if you're adventurous give it a try. I have 3 usb-stotage devices, and udev 
> basically solved all my "which device is my camera today?" problems...

Yes, that's where udev really shines, particularly in comparison to
devfs, which has no comparable ability to ensure that a USB or SCSI
device always gets the same name even if it isn't on the same device


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