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Re: udev HOWTO?

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Am Mittwoch, 24. März 2004 22:59 schrieb Craig Dickson:
> Paul Johnson wrote:
> In theory, I think the HOWTO for udev on Debian (unstable) is basically
> just "apt-get install udev". I have not dared to try it, however, as
Right, that is a starting point...

> there were, last time I looked (a week or two back), some outstanding
> bug reports from people saying that udev made their system unusable due
> to its failure to create some essential device (e.g. /dev/console).
I am actually using udev here on my production desktop, so it *is* usable 
(and /dev/console is there...). The only thing that really gave me a 
headache, was that I did not have devpts compiled into my kernel. After 
adding that most of the system worked as before...

And besides: If it doesn't work, one can always uninstall it again. If the 
system should become non-functional, on needs to disable the udev initscript 
from a rescue CD, after that the normal /dev/ will be back in place (udev 
only mounts a ramdisk over the "old-style" /dev)

So if you're adventurous give it a try. I have 3 usb-stotage devices, and udev 
basically solved all my "which device is my camera today?" problems...

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Patrick Dreker

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