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Re: KDE 3.2: Control Center almost gone

Bruce wrote:

>> I notice that, on my Debian/Libranet system, KDE unstable has
>> almost nothing in the the Control Center.
> Same thing here after an apt-get upgrade to sid from a new install of
> Mepis linux. Seems like the control centre can't find the modules; the few
> that show up (K3bSetup, Digital Camera) seem to crash when I try to access
> them.
> Could this be a problem that occurs when moving from a Debian based system
> (Knoppix, Mepis, Libranet etc.) to a straight Sid system? Anyone have this
> problem in a straight upgrade from sid?
> Bruce
This was solved for me by removing and then re-installing kdebase-data:

        apt-get remove kdebase-data
        apt-get install -t unstable kdebase-data

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