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Re: help, kde problems with sid.

On Sat March 6 2004 11:49, Mike Van Milligan wrote:
> 	I am having troubles with trying to get kde installed on my system.
> Forgive me if what I am asking is a stupid question (I am a newbie),
> but when I try and install kde-core and such, I get these errors:

Yeah, you did something wrong. You don't want kde-core. I'm not sure why that 
still exists. you want to

apt-get install arts kdelibs kdebase

which is the base KDE system. There are other packages such as kdepim, 
kdenetwork, kdemultimedia, kdegraphics etc. When in doubt as to the version 
of a package, use apt-cache policy. For example:

apt-cache policy kde-core

will tell you that kde-core is version 4:3.1.2 which is not what you want. You 
want 3.2.0*.


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