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Re: Speeding up Konqueror?

Well that will be nice to finally have an Opera that uses native styles and has proper font configuration. Right now I believe it's still in the prototype stages but it was talked about at LWE earlier this year. There isn't any info to be had regarding it on the Opera English sites.

On Fri, 05 Mar 2004 03:52:00 +0100, Dominique Devriese <dominique.devriese@student.kuleuven.ac.be> wrote:

cobaco  writes:

On 2004-03-03 17:55, Bob Tilley (AT&T) wrote:
What options exist for increasing the speed (i.e. rendering) and/or
responsiveness (slow rendering) of Konqueror under KDE 3.2?

Konqueror, as I understand, is a multi-purpose Browser/File
Handler/Document Viewer/etc.  Does an enhanced, faster, or
more-responsive version of Konqueror exist?

there's a gecko rendering kpart in kdebindings,

It is no longer functional ( and has not been for a long time afaik ).

And I opera also has/is working on a kpart.

Nice to hear, do you have a link about that, perhaps ?


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