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Re: Speeding up Konqueror?

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On 2004-03-03 17:55, Bob Tilley (AT&T) wrote:
> What options exist for increasing the speed (i.e. rendering) and/or
> responsiveness (slow rendering) of Konqueror under KDE 3.2?
> Konqueror, as I understand, is a multi-purpose Browser/File
> Handler/Document Viewer/etc.  Does an enhanced, faster, or
> more-responsive version of Konqueror exist?

there's a gecko rendering kpart in kdebindings, And I opera also has/is 
working on a kpart. You could use those instead of the khtml one, other 
then that, no idea.

> Suppose I wish to use only the Browser capabilities of Konqueror.  Is
> there a way to "turn off" the File Handler/Document Viewer/etc.
> components?

In the control center with the "file associations" change "show file in 
embedded viewer" to "show file in seperate viewer" for those document types 
you don't want to show up within konqueror (don't think it makes any 
difference in speed though)
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Cheers, cobaco
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