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Re: libarts-dev depends on esound?

On Fri, Mar 05, 2004 at 07:01:52AM +0100, Anders Ellenshøj Andersen wrote:
> On Friday 05 March 2004 00:06, Chris Cheney wrote:
> > So is it not needed? Realize some of the arts libraries are linked to
> I have no idea if it is needed or why. I was only surprised to see it 
> autoinstalled by libarts-dev.
> It didn't depend on it before. Only since a week or so. Or at least I only 
> noticed it yesterday when it was installed during apt-get dist-upgrade. I 
> thought they were two different sound servers, so I am surprised the depend 
> on each other.

Oh it might be something new for KDE 3.2 I can't remember.

Arts is able to play through various sound devices including things such
as ESD/MAS/NAS, right now I have MAS support disabled since the last
time I tried it out it failed to build.


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