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Re: Speeding up Konqueror?

Michael Schuerig wrote:
> On Wednesday 03 March 2004 17:55, Bob Tilley (AT&T) wrote:
> > Konqueror, as I understand, is a multi-purpose Browser/File
> > Handler/Document Viewer/etc.  Does an enhanced, faster, or
> > more-responsive version of Konqueror exist?

> There's no point in trying this if you're looking for speed. Konqueror
> itself is nothing but a shell, albeit a very nice one. All the
> different functionality such as web browsing and file mgmt is handled
> by kparts or other plugins. When Thus, when you're using Konqueror for
> web browsing, only khtml and web/html-related components (those that
> you see in the Tools menu) are loaded.

Michael: Thanks for that explanation!

Bob: How much RAM is on the machine you are using?  Is the slowness you
perceive in konqueror a result of  konqueror itself or a result of
swapping?  (Try runing top and checking it periodically.)  

When I started using Linux I found it to be very slow compared to
Windows (95) until I got enough memory to minimize swapping with my
usage habits.  (I happily ran several Windows machines with 16 MB, I
started getting satisfied with Linux at around 128 MB, my main machine
is now at 512 MB, and I'd be happier with another 256.

Randy Kramer

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