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Re: Speeding up Konqueror?

On Wednesday 03 March 2004 17:55, Bob Tilley (AT&T) wrote:

> Konqueror, as I understand, is a multi-purpose Browser/File
> Handler/Document Viewer/etc.  Does an enhanced, faster, or
> more-responsive version of Konqueror exist?
> Suppose I wish to use only the Browser capabilities of Konqueror.  Is
> there a way to "turn off" the File Handler/Document Viewer/etc.
> components?

There's no point in trying this if you're looking for speed. Konqueror 
itself is nothing but a shell, albeit a very nice one. All the 
different functionality such as web browsing and file mgmt is handled 
by kparts or other plugins. When Thus, when you're using Konqueror for 
web browsing, only khtml and web/html-related components (those that 
you see in the Tools menu) are loaded.


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