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Re: startkde - cache problem

Am Samstag, 28. Februar 2004 17:01 schrieb Joerg de la Haye:
> [...]

> Debian removes all files in /tmp during boot with the bootclean.sh-script,
> and I set up a symbolic link for /var/tmp to /tmp, so my cache files are
> gone after restart also. Did someone else make the same link?
> Does it make sense to have /tmp AND /var/tmp as two independent
> directories?

The Filesystem Hierarchy Standard mentions as the difference between /tmp and 
/var/tmp that the former should be cleaned after each reboot while the latter 
shoud not—exactly as Debian does.

So it makes sense to have both because this distinction allows you to decide 
how long you want to have your temporary files stored.  I use /var/tmp for 
temporarily storing more or less important data. Of course, /tmp would be 
wrong here.

By the way, Jörg, could you send me a short notification if this e-mail has 
reached you.  The reason is that since some weeks I don't get any replies 
from newsgroups and certain mailing lists.  So I fear that my messages get 
filtered by some spam filters and I want to test if this could be the case.

> Joerg


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