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Re: k3b 0.11+?

On Monday 23 February 2004 23:50, Jean-Michel Kelbert wrote:
> And I want to remove k3bsetup from the package.

Hmm, Sebastian did this in a prior version of k3b (for the shell 
script), and just returned to include it again, because of thousands of 
users complaining about k3bsetup not there. Im not sure if it's a good 
idea to do the same mistake ;-)
Maybe something like a placeholder, saying that absence of 
k3bsetup/k3bsetup2 is not an error, but a feature of debian-k3b?

> To my mind each software used by k3b (cdrecord, cdrdao, readcd...)
> should be configured by its own debconf frontend, and not k3bsetup.
> Therefore, I want to ask each packager of one of this package to made
> a debconf frontend. Then I will be able to remove k3bsetup. (I should
> also change error message, and so on.)

Good idea, hope that all affected maintainers will contribute. But i 
suggest first to do the debconf-work, then testing it out in the wild. 
After that you can think of removing k3bsetup.


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