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aRts Problems with KDE 3.2.0

Hi All,

I'm running the experimental KDE 3.2.0 packages on sid.  I'm seeing two 
problems with aRts (I'm assuming that they are related).

1.  With all settings for aRts at there defaults, I get CPU overload errors 
when aRts tries to load (this usually followed by a segfault on knotify).  If 
I change the hardware setting from auto detect to ALSA, they most of this 

2.  While playing back an mp3, through either noatun or juk, aRts consumes 30% 
of the CPU.  With ogg vorbis files it uses 50% of the cpu.  For comparison 
mpg123 uses 4% cpu and ogg123 uses 7% cpu while playing back the same files.

I'm running kernel 2.4.24 using ALSA 1.0 on a PII 400.  I also saw the CPU 
overload problem on an Athlon XP 2000+ (same kernel/ALSA versions).

Has anyone else seen or dealt with these or similar problems?



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