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Re: [oclug] Occasional texts in languages other than English

On Sun, 15 Feb 2004 16:36:05 -0500, "Bruce Miller" <brmiller@rogers.com>
> On February 15, 2004 16:09, Kevin Everets wrote:
> > Under X-windows, there is a more intuitive setup but it is not
> > (often) the default.  First, you assign some key to be your
> > "Multi_key", which is often assigned to be the right Alt key.  To do
> > so, create a file called "multikey.map" which contains just the line:
> >
> > keycode 113 = Multi_key
> >
> > then, run "xmodmap multikey.map" to make this compose key active.
> >
> > Once that's done, you can just hit Right-Alt, then an accent (such as
> > "'"), then the letter (such as e) to get something like ?? (which
> > might show up as an "e" with an accent on it).

> Thanks for the suggestion. It works superbly --- with only one small 
> problem. My third language is Swedish and I haven't yet found the 
> Scandinavian "å" --- "a-circle", which, in older texts, in sometimes 
> printed as a double "aa".

It's Right Alt - a - a, so you almost gave the answer yourself! By the
way, I found out that the capital "Å" is Right Alt - Shift A - Shift A,
so keep Shift down for both A's...

Hej då!

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