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Re: kicker panel has wrong time

* jerry garcia [Fri, 13 Feb 2004 22:14:52 +0100]:

> Yes, I've checked in both KDE control center and kicker panel configuration, 
> and they both are running the same time zone, PST.
> ....but,  I just checked, and GKrellm is also showing the wrong time, the same 
> time as my kicker panel. when I go to kde it says the right time,   more 
> investigation is needed by me methinks..

    As other post said, it seems you have your timezone wrong (your mail
    has +0100 as TZ, which is certainly not PST but CET).
    Forget about the panel and GKrellm for a moment. Look at your watch,
    and then do:

        $ date
        $ date -u

    The first command should yield the current time in your timezone,
    and the second, the current UTC time.


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