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Re: kicker panel has wrong time

On Friday 13 February 2004 11:26 am, cobaco wrote:
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> On 2004-02-13 11:20, jerry garcia wrote:
> > My system time and time zone is correct in kde 3.1-5 Control Center.
> > running knoppix/debian 3.3 2.4.22-xfs kernel, but my kicker panel shows a
> > time 10 hours ahead of what it should be, any ideas?
> >
> > AFAIK all my apps show the correct time as well, this appears to just be
> > confined to the kicker clock.
> the clock applet can be configured to display different timezone's, you've
> checked that ?
> - --
> Cheers, cobaco
Yes, I've checked in both KDE control center and kicker panel configuration, 
and they both are running the same time zone, PST.
....but,  I just checked, and GKrellm is also showing the wrong time, the same 
time as my kicker panel. when I go to kde it says the right time,   more 
investigation is needed by me methinks..


I'm stumped here.

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