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Re: Glitches running KDE3.2 compiled from source

* Bruce Miller [Thu, 12 Feb 2004 21:06:03 -0500]:

> 1. There is no "Save Session" entry on the Kicker menu. This typically 
> lives next to the "Lock screen" entry;

> The only other significant comment is that the "Save Session" entry on 
> the Kicker menu is also missing from KDE 3.1.5.

    This has an easy explanation. The «Save Session» appears depending
    on the settings under Control Panel -> KDE Components -> Session

    There are three options for "On Login" there:

        a) Restore previous session
        b) Restore manually saved session
        c) Start with empty session

    The «Save Session» entry gets into the menu only and only if (b) is
    selected, which makes sense: if you are to use automatically saved
    sessions, there is no point in saving a session since you would not
    be able to restore it afterwards.


    P.S.: BTW, I used to use "manually saved sessions", but I've found
    the session support has improved a lot in 3.2, with the possibility
    of specifying windows to ignore, etc., so I now use (a) my self.

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