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Glitches running KDE3.2 compiled from source

This message is posted to both debian-kde and to libranet-users.

I have an "almost perfect" setup running kernel 2.6.2 and KDE 3.2. 
"Almost perfect" because of a few remaining glitches in KDE 3.2:
1. There is no "Save Session" entry on the Kicker menu. This typically 
lives next to the "Lock screen" entry;
2. The Panel has automagically lost all but three of its icons. What 
remains are the original three leftmost icons: Kicker, Show Desktop, 
3. File associations are sometimes automagically changed. KVim from 
Debian sid/unstable is incompatible with KDE 3.2 and I have repeatedly 
attempted to set "gvim" as the default association for text/plain. It 
keeps getting reset to "kate" without intervention on my part.
4. the FAM daemon has (mysteriously?) stopped running on some occasions. 
This prevents kate and kwrite from launching.
5. Saved profiles in Konqueror are too frequently "forgotten".

Background to this installation:
I had bad experiences with trying to install first the .debs 
from .kde.org (I did not grasp adequately the significance of 
"backported to woody"); but also later with the .debs 
from .people.debian.org: applications would load but without a title 
bar. As a result, applications could not be resized, moved, closed, or 
have the focus changed. In other words, one could work only on the most 
recently opened applications, and then only assuming that it launched 
in the middle of the screen.The only way to close an application was to 
log out of KDE. kwin was reported as loaded and running.

After these repeated bad experiences, I did a virgin reinstall so as to 
begin from as "clean" a condition as possible. I kept, however, 
the /home partition but deleted the .kderc configuration file. 
Installed Libranet 2.8.0 which installs KDE 3.1.1. Dist-upgraded to 
3.1.5. I then compiled KDE 3.2 from source using KDE's recently 
released tool, Konstruct. I successfully implemented the guidance in 
the Konstruct README to maintain and distinguish between the two 
versions of KDE (3.15 and 3.2.0).

The only other significant comment is that the "Save Session" entry on 
the Kicker menu is also missing from KDE 3.1.5.

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