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Re: [KDE 3.2] very strange font problems


> > When i upgrade my KDE from 3.1.4 to 3.2.0 and then start KDE, it
> > behaves like KDE 3.1.4 in 100dpi mode - fonts are ugly big (right
> > side of screenshots) at 9pt and much to small in 8pt - thats the
> > reason why i run KDE 3.1.4 in 75dpi mode - here it's:
> >
> > PS: Sure, i changed the 75/100dpi lines in XF86Config-4 and
> > xfs-xtt config when changed X parameter from -dpi 75 to 100 and
> > vice versa.
> >
> Did you also check /etc/kde3/kdm/Xservers?
> This has -dpi 100 by default and gets overwritten when kdm is
> upgraded (which always annoys me).

You are so damn right - this was at least a solution for KDE 3.1.4
I had -dpi 75 in /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc, but 100dpi in xserverrc.
Now i changed (still KDE 3.1.4) all to 100 dpi and started X
-> Fonts are ugly like on screenshots (the right side). In this 100dpi
mode Helvetica [Adobe] in 9pt is too big and 8pt to small. So i
changed all to 75dpi and now all is fine. Of couse i had increase font
heights about 3pt (9pt>12pt) so in 75dpi mode now all looks like on
the left screenshots but with pt set to 12/11 instead 9/8.

I will now upgrade to KDE 3.2.0 again and let you know if this solved
my font issues.

... who knows there are 2 config files for dpi settings ... *damn*



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