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[KDE 3.2] very strange font problems

Hi and hello,

i have some serious font problems with KDE 3.2 for Debian Woody.
For better understanding i made some screenshots you can see here:


The main problem as i figured out now is: I run KDE 3.1.4 with 75dpi
fonts and all is fine as you can see on the left screenshots in above
website. If i switch to 100dpi fonts (still KDE 3.1.4) font's are
getting ugly like on these screenshots of KDE 3.2 on the right side.

When i upgrade my KDE from 3.1.4 to 3.2.0 and then start KDE, it
behaves like KDE 3.1.4 in 100dpi mode - fonts are ugly big (right side
of screenshots) at 9pt and much to small in 8pt - thats the reason why
i run KDE 3.1.4 in 75dpi mode - here it's:

  8pt < 9pt < 10pt.

In KDE 3.2.0 (set to 75dpi which behaves like 100dpi 3.1.4) it's:

  8pt < 9pt = 10pt

There is still 1 difference between 9pt and 10pt: The 9pt font is cut
off at the top and the bottom so underscores and the dots on ÖÄÜ
aren't visible
(see http://test.thermoman.de/kde/kde_3.2_helvetica2.png [edit field])

Other problem:
In KDE 3.1.4 there is a fixed font called Courier [Bitstream], which
is *not* available in KDE 3.2.0 (see screenshots).

I tested so much: with and without xfs-xtt, deleted ~/.kde and
started from zero, compared output from 'xlsfonts' in KDE 3.1.4 and
KDE 3.2.0 (only 2 konsole fonts changed, Courier [Bitstream] is still
listed in 3.2.0 ...) but nothing helped. Someone in #debian-kde
pointed me to this mailing list so i address this to you and am
waiting for suggestions :)

PS: Sure, i changed the 75/100dpi lines in XF86Config-4 and xfs-xtt
config when changed X parameter from -dpi 75 to 100 and vice versa.

PPS: Is this bug(?) shown at the end of my mentioned page known? I
couldn't find something related in bugs.kde.org

Marcel (i am subscribed to the mailing list)


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