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Re: sound in KDE debian ppc

Quoth Daniel Alonso <daniel@grupomt.com>:
>> Are you using kernel 2.6? artsd worked fine for me with 2.4 but failed
>> when I upgraded to 2.6.
>> Bye, Michael
> Michael, I'm running 2.4.18, the default kernel that comes with debian 
> 3.0rc2 ...  How did you to make artsd work ? 

Well, I didn't run Debian's standard kernel as my iBook G4 isn't fully
supported by it. I used Ben's kernel sources, 2.4.23 or 2.4.24, don't
know exactly which version it was. Other than selecting the
dmasound_pmac module when configuring the kernel I did nothing special
to get sound working. artsd just worked.

HTH, Michael

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